A good lecture season

Oops! We are a bit behind in getting updated news here on the website.
It's not because we're not here yet, quite the contrary. We have a lot about our ears.

A little later, we would like to say thank you very much for a good lecture season, which we have just finished.
We have been lucky enough to be well received everywhere and meet an engaged and interested audience. Thanks to everyone who booked us and everyone who wanted to listen to us, and who kept good peace and order, both when it was spiders and snakes that were on the program, and when it was plants, landscapes and birds.

Thanks to
Kibæk Fotoklub and the event "Nature near"
The Limfjord Museum
Rønde High School
The lifestyle college

Are you planning your next lecture??
Perhaps it was something with an evening/afternoon with the Danish nature in focus?
We talk about our work with nature communication and thereby present many exciting topics from nature in Denmark, both well-known and lesser-known animals and plants.
The whole thing is of course spiced up with a lot of delicious photos.
Read more here or call and find out what we can offer you!



Meet us at Sommer Lounge by the Limfjord (link to tickets)

☀️🌊 Meet us at SUMMER LOUNGE by the Limfjord Museum 😃☀️
Wednesday the 13th of July there is a Summer Lounge by the beautiful Limfjord!
It is a tradition at the Limfjord Museum, which is housed in the very special “Kanalfogedbygning” right by Frederik VII's Kanal in Løgstør. The museum tells the story of nature and culture in the Limfjord area and has a wealth of activities in the calendar.
Wednesday the 13th of July there is a Summer Lounge that starts with drinks and music by Jens Fisker Trio at 18.30.
Kl. 20 we are on the program:
We tell about our work, the Danish nature, and of corse it is all accompanied by lots of photos!
We are very much looking forward to it.
There is a limited number of places.
It costs DDK 100.

Read about the greylag goose

The Greylag Goose - a success story too succesfull
The good news: the greylag goose was once very endangered, that is no longer the case. It thrives!
The difficult news: The many geese are creating problems for air traffic and agriculture in Europe.
Solution: An innovative plan from the EU with focus on increased hunting shall reduce the number.
In the latest issue of Magasinet Vestkysten, which has just been published now, you can meet the Danish goose expert Jesper Madsen, who has contributed to the new international greylag goose plan.
He explains why the greylag goose is doing so well and is still a wonderful experience to meet in the wild. And he talks about the new plan for the geese, and why it is so groundbreakingly innovative compared to previous management plans.

Read about The guardians of the dunes and the 'giant fly harald'

In June, this year's second edition of Natur & Miljø, the Danish Society for Nature Conservation's membership magazine, was published.

This time we have contributed with two features. The first article is about a group of committed, local enthusiasts who came together about their shared passion for botany. They formed 'Botanikgruppen Husby ' (the botanist group in Husby) when the Danish Nature Agency moved into the area with large machines in a major restoration project. This led to a rewarding collaboration, and the group performs valuable voluntary work to monitor and protect the very special and vulnerable plant life found on the West Jutland dunes.

Read about the good cooperation and the fight for the plants in the magazine here (Danish only, sorry)

In the same issue you can read the little funny story about the giant fly harald.
Yes, it's called that!
Read about it in the magazine right here (Danish only, sorry)


New course: Nature close by

Then there is news for those interested in photography!

On Saturday 11 June, we will be visiting Kibæk Fotoklub as teachers on the course "Nature close by" on photo technology and nature communication.
We are very much looking forward to that!
Are you going with me?
The price is 250 kroner, and you do not have to be a member of the photo club to participate.
There is a limited number of seats, so it is first come first served.
It will be nature, it will be photography, it will be nerdy, it will be good 🙂

Read more about the course at this link, where you can also buy tickets: https://www.kibaekfotoklub.dk/2022/04/24/grundkursus-fototeknik-og-naturformidling/