Mikkel Jezequel shares his joy of nature.

November 17. we participate in a slightly different event, namely a church service.
The theme of the service is the joy of nature, and on this occasion some of Mikkel Jezequel's nature images are shown, and the photographer tells a few minutes about his own natural joy.
Everyone is welcome at Staby Church on the 17. of November at 19.30.

International attention

In the first week of October we have received quite a lot of international attention about our Danish nature pictures. We are very proud of and happy about that.

First, Nikon Asia wrote with a inquiry on the image of the bearded tit drinking, as they had seen it on photographer Mikkel Jezequel's Instagram.

Later we got the picture of the young red deer in silhouet published in the international online magazine Wild Planet Photo Magazine in their feature on silhouettes.

Mikkel in Nature & Environment

In September XNUMX, the Danish Nature Conservation Society's magazine Nature & Environment was published with a great interview with photographer Mikkel Jezequel from Alopex Media.

Mikkel tells about the importante rolle nature has played in his life ever since he was a child, and why he has dedicated his adult life to give nature a voice by telling the amazing stories with the camera.

The Red deer roars, the photo bag is packed!

It is now September and the roar of the red deer has begun. Photographer Mikkel Jezequel has been following the wild deers in the mid and western Jutland plantations for several years.

Photographing outdoor wildlife is a major challenge. The animals walk on large areas, they are very shy, and the lighting conditions can be difficult.

The goal is to show the large mammals in their natural environment and with their natural behavior. The breeding season is particularly well suited for this, as the animals gathers in large flocks, mixed on sexes, and are extremely active. The deer roars and try to keep track of the females.

This year too! The large photo bag is packed, and the photographer spends most days and evenings in the western Jutland forests these days.