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Are you interested in beavers?
We are!
We think the beaver is an incredibly fascinating animal, and these years we are working hard on a book about the large rodent and its way back to the Danish nature.

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Here we regularly write both about the beaver and about our work with the book project. 

But now there is another opportunity for more beaver news from us. We are passionate about conveying and spreading awareness and knowledge about the animal, and now we have been given another opportunity to do just that.
We have become new administrators on the Facebook page "Beavers in Denmark". It's a site that's been around since 2009, sharing news and other relevant beaver stuff. We have been offered to take over the site, and of course we have accepted.
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New lecture: About the beaver

If you follow our work, you know that we are currently working hard on our book project: The Beaver in Denmark.
Last week we had a new and good experience: We were booked to give a lecture about this exciting big rodent.

We have often given lectures over the past eight years in the nature communication business, but it has been about Danish nature with a wide range of topics.
The beaver has been one of many exciting points on the programme.
But this week the organizer wanted it to be all about the beaver: What kind of animal is it?

We talked about this on Tuesday in Silkeborg at the fresh water centre, which had a group of committed course participants on a course on stream restoration. There was great interest and curiosity, it was really wonderful to experience!

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Read about the roe deer: All deer's waxy little brother

The roe deer is Europe's smallest deer, and it is widespread here in Denmark. It may look similar at first glance to the other larger deer, such as the roe deer, in miniature format, but its way of life is markedly different.
Find out more about the deer in the latest issue of Magasinet Vestkysten, where we have provided an article and pictures for the feature about the little wax deer - which is currently in a mysterious decline.

Find the story and read it for free here


Read about the fjord that came back

In the latest issue of Natur & Miljø we have an article and photos with a feature about Vest Stadil Fjord.
The West Jutland bird locality has a turbulent existence behind it.
For a period of over 100 years, attempts were made time and time again to drain and water the fjord, its wet reed forest flooded the farmers' fields at high tide.
In the 1950s, the majority of the fjord was drained, and the old fjord bed was laid out for agriculture, it was ploughed, cultivated and harvested.
In the 90s, some of the natural areas that had previously been set aside for agriculture began to be reclaimed, and this also applied to Vest Stadil Fjord, which with its enormous area became one of the largest nature restoration projects in Danish history.
But what does it look like today?

Read the article, which you can find for free online right here!

A good lecture season

Oops! We are a bit behind in getting updated news here on the website.
It's not because we're not here yet, quite the contrary. We have a lot about our ears.

A little later, we would like to say thank you very much for a good lecture season, which we have just finished.
We have been lucky enough to be well received everywhere and meet an engaged and interested audience. Thanks to everyone who booked us and everyone who wanted to listen to us, and who kept good peace and order, both when it was spiders and snakes that were on the program, and when it was plants, landscapes and birds.

Thanks to
Kibæk Fotoklub and the event "Nature near"
The Limfjord Museum
Rønde High School
The lifestyle college

Are you planning your next lecture??
Perhaps it was something with an evening/afternoon with the Danish nature in focus?
We talk about our work with nature communication and thereby present many exciting topics from nature in Denmark, both well-known and lesser-known animals and plants.
The whole thing is of course spiced up with a lot of delicious photos.
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