Sound absorbing prints

Problems with the acoustics and echoes in the room?

Our pictures printet on sound absorbing materials can remedy the problems.

A sound-absorbing image is printed directly on 38 mm mineral wool board, which significantly reduces the noise in the room and absorbs annoying reverberation. The print does not fade, even if it is hung in direct sunlight.

How does it work?

The print comes mounted in a frame.
You can choose from several different frames.

The pictures are delivered directly to your door free of charge, and a smart suspension solution is mounted on the back of the frames, so the pictures are just ready to hang.

See more in this video

What should I do?

  • Measure on the wall or walls where a sound-absorbing print can be hung.
    How big a picture would fit?
    To get the best effect, the image must be quite large. It can also be advantageous if there is room for more pictures - for example on two walls facing each other, so that the sound meets as much resistance as possible and are not just thrown back from the walls and around the room. This is how the reverberation occurs.
  • See what motives you would like.
    You can find Mikkel Jezequel's motifs here on the website in the menu "Gallery".
    And you are free to choose between the designs on our webshop, which you will find here. 

Send an email or call Kamilla Husted Bendtsen:
+45 28 68 89 09

We sell sound absorbent prints both for businesses and private homes.
You are always welcome with an inquiry!

Examples of sizes and prices:
The price includes the optional frame on the picture and shipping.
(Other sizes can also be supplied)

Examples of sizes:

60 x 75 cm: NOK 3900 including VAT

80 x 100 cm: 4500, - incl VAT

112 x 140 cm: 5500, - incl VAT

Panorama format (oblong):

53 x 120 cm: 3600, - incl VAT

80 x 180 cm: 4500, - incl VAT

106 x 240 cm: NOK 6800 including VAT

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