Who are we

Nature and landscape photographer
Mikkel Jézéquel

Journalist and cand. public
Kamilla Husted Bendtsen

In 2014 we started Alopex Media for the purpose of sharing and spreading our own great joy of nature. 

We believe that if you establish a relationship with something, you want to take better care of it. That is why we do not communicate through scares of nature and climate crises, instead we share all the joys we experience in nature every single day. 

In our experience, many Danes live a busy everyday life where they have become distant from the nature that surrounds us. In the daily rutines, nature slides into the background and becomes something abstract that exists "out there". 

Our mission is to bring back knowledge and understanding of nature and to create a relationship with our surroundings. 

We experience time and time again that many people react with great amazement and enthusiasm as they see the beautiful landscapes we actually have and the incredible animals and plants that live here. And that joy makes our work even more satisfying . 

We share our passion on each of our platforms. Nature and landscape photographer Mikkel Jézéquel shows the many wonders of nature through the camera, journalist Kamilla Husted Bendtsen through text and communication.


Photographs of Mikkel Jezequel taken by: Niels Åge Skovbo, Focus Photo