Photos and magazine articles

Alopex Media provides photos and / or articles for magazines and other medias.

Our subject is primarily the Danish nature which we tell about in informative articles and pictures, news material, features and other genres.

Nature in the West Coast Magazine
Since 2015, we have delivered a regular nature feature with articles and photos (The West Coast Magazine) about what is currently to be experienced in nature with each release.

The magazine Natur & Miljø (Nature & Environment)
For a number of years, we have supplied various natural materials to The magazine Natur & Miljø (Nature & Environment), which is published by the Danish Nature Conservation Society.
In the years 2020 – 2022, we also delivered a regular series: "Nature returns" about Danish nature restoration projects.
What happens when nature has space and peace - does it come again? And what does it take for it to do?

In addition, we have had pictures and texts in international magazines such as Wild Planet Photo Magazine and the highly recognized Scandinavian Nature Camera.

We solve both smaller and larger journalistic or photographic tasks within the subject of Danish or international nature.

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We have a large photo archive that can be selected for illustration of articles and texts, but we can also hire for new reportage / photo assignments.

Feel free to contact us for examples of our work or for a talk about your particular project.

Photos for background – and reportage article about the cormorant in Nature & Environment

Article and photos about the viper, Denmark's exciting venomous snake, in Magasinet Vestkysten.

Article and photos for Camera Natura about the Danish crown animals.

Article and photos about the three-horned skarn bass, nature's garbage man, for Magasinet Vestkysten.