Hire a nature photographer

Nature is on the agenda like never before. The many beautiful places in Denmark become local characteristics, but burn on, and you tell the good story about the places and the experiences you can get here. 

Is your organization or company missing new image material from your beautiful natural spots?

By hiring a professional nature photographer from Alopex Media, you get: 

- Picture material tailored to your needs.
- A uniform quality and a consistent look on your material. 
– A large database which is yours and which can be used on all your platforms. 
– Option to purchase good and relevant content for social media and the press during work. We continuously produce content tailored to your organisation, which can be posted with you and create awareness during the process.  
- Option to also purchase professional text material and journalism about the places and the good history.

Contact us and get a solution for your specific needs!

Read below how we solved the task for Geopark Det Sydfynske Øhav.

In this gallery you can see a small selection of photographs from the assignment.

An assignment for Geopark The South Funen Archipelago

The spring of 2020 will be spent on South Funen and the islands on assignment for the South Funen Archipelago Geopark. The Geopark had to use fresh and narrative images for their database and for use in their communication: Brochures, websites, marketing material, etc.
The task was partly on beautiful landscape pictures that tell about the area and that make you want to go there and partly on pictures of selected, particularly interesting geological points of interest: clay layers, hat hills, slopes, river valleys, etc.
The images have since been used both on social media, in the press, in marketing material and in communication material about the geological points of interest that are the core of the geopark's work.

Geopark In the spring of 2020, the South Funen Archipelago worked with photographer Mikkel Jezequel on a package of images from 46 landscape sites in the geopark. The images are included both as professional geological illustrations in the geopark's application to UNESCO and for communication and marketing purposes, where they soon received a great deal of attention and recognition on, among other things, social media.

Throughout the process, we have been extremely satisfied with both the collaboration and the final delivery. Mikkel Jezequel is a top professional photographer and has the warmest recommendations from here. ”

Dorthe Moller-Andersen
Project manager