Images for your brochure, website, marketing or anything else


Say it with nature

Need to use images to brand your business? For brochures, website, social media or anything else.

Maybe nature photography is the way to go.

Perhaps your company or organization offers experiences outdoors?
Show your audience what you can offer.

Maybe you just want beautiful, evocative images to spice up your look?
Nature is a beautiful backdrop for most products, and at the same time images of (the local) nature can help to signal anchoring in the local environment and strong values ​​through it.

Are you missing a bespoke photo archive of natural, consistent, high quality images for your municipality, organization or company?

Contact us about the possibilities for your particular business.

The customer list of companies with nature on the front page include:

  • Jyllandsakvariet (Aquarium/Museum)
  • Dansk Kyst - og Naturturisme (Danish Coastal and Natural Tourism)
  • Ulfborg-vinen (The local wine)
  • Hedegaard Outdoor “Steak and Roar”

In the spring of 2020, we worked for Geopark in the South Funen Archipelago, which wanted beautiful landscape imagery as well as geological detail photos for a coherent, uniform archive of images for use on their many different dissemination platforms: website, brochures, books etc.
See a selection of the pictures that came out of the assignment here.