The book about the beaver in Denmark

In March 2021, we have embarked on a completely new and large project.
We have started working on a book: "The Beaver in Denmark".

Since 1999, we have had beavers in the wild in Denmark. In the book we will tell the whole story:
What kind of animal is the beaver? Why was it re-introduced into Danish nature? And what impact does it have on Danish nature?

We are really looking forward to working on the book. Photographer Mikkel Jezequel will follow the beavers in nature, and journalist Kamilla Husted Bendtsen will seek out the latest research and the foremost beaver experts.

What we are most looking forward to is learning more about the beaver, which we think is an incredibly fascinating animal. And we look forward to sharing that knowledge with the book's readers.

Do you want to get smarter with us?
On our site bæ you can continuously follow our work and get behind the scenes of what we experience and learn in the process.

Read more about the book, about the beaver and the work: (Only Danish texts, sorry.) bæ

Please stay tuned!