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Are you interested in beavers?
We are!
We think the beaver is an incredibly fascinating animal, and these years we are working hard on a book about the large rodent and its way back to the Danish nature.

REMEMBER, you can follow our blog: The beaver in Danmark.dk
Here we regularly write both about the beaver and about our work with the book project. 

But now there is another opportunity for more beaver news from us. We are passionate about conveying and spreading awareness and knowledge about the animal, and now we have been given another opportunity to do just that.
We have become new administrators on the Facebook page "Beavers in Denmark". It's a site that's been around since 2009, sharing news and other relevant beaver stuff. We have been offered to take over the site, and of course we have accepted.
We would be delighted if you would follow along.
Find the page here!



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