Read about the fjord that came back

In the latest issue of Natur & Miljø we have an article and photos with a feature about Vest Stadil Fjord.
The West Jutland bird locality has a turbulent existence behind it.
For a period of over 100 years, attempts were made time and time again to drain and water the fjord, its wet reed forest flooded the farmers' fields at high tide.
In the 1950s, the majority of the fjord was drained, and the old fjord bed was laid out for agriculture, it was ploughed, cultivated and harvested.
In the 90s, some of the natural areas that had previously been set aside for agriculture began to be reclaimed, and this also applied to Vest Stadil Fjord, which with its enormous area became one of the largest nature restoration projects in Danish history.
But what does it look like today?

Read the article, which you can find for free online right here!

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